The Department of Biochemistry Biophysics Facility houses an extensive array of precision instruments for characterisation of macromolecules and their interactions.
The instruments available currently include:

  • two isothermal titration calorimeters, for quantification of interactions
  • an analytical ultracentrifuge for analysis of sedimentation coefficient and molecular mass
  • a┬áBIACORE instrument and a ForteBio Octet for measurement of kinetic and equilibrium binding constants of ligands to an immobilised partner
  • a circular dichroism spectrometer for estimation of protein secondary structure composition and analysis of thermal stability
  • a UV spectrophotometer for measurement of thermal melting profiles
  • a real-time PCR detection system also suitable for differential scanning fluorimetry/thermal-shift assays
  • a dynamic light scattering instrument for measurement of molecular size
  • a stopped-flow spectrometer for measurement of fast kinetics

The instruments are all located in the Biophysics Suite – four interconnected rooms (0.14-0.17) in the basement (level 0) of the Sanger Building of the Biochemistry Department on Tennis Court Road.

The facility is part of a larger collection of service and research facilities in the Department of Biochemistry. A pdf brochure may be found here.