The Biophysics Facility is opening to Departmental users from Wednesday 17th June. Please contact the Facility Manager prior to booking as new procedures have been put in place. Information for non-Departmental users will follow in due course.  External users: we ask for your patience in this initial phase of opening, but please contact the Facility Manager if you have an urgent experiment that could be run in service mode.

Please contact us by email to discuss all matters relating to resuming your access, and for our other services.

The Department of Biochemistry Biophysics Facility houses an extensive array of precision instruments for the characterisation of macromolecules and their interactions.
The instruments available currently include:

  • two isothermal titration calorimeters, for quantification of thermodynamic parameters
  • an analytical ultracentrifuge for analysis of sedimentation coefficient and molecular mass
  • two BIACORE instruments and a ForteBio Octet for measurement of kinetic and equilibrium binding constants of ligands to an immobilised partner
  • a circular dichroism spectrometer for estimation of protein secondary structure composition and analysis of thermal stability
  • a UV spectrophotometer for measurement of thermal melting profiles
  • a real-time PCR detection system also suitable for differential scanning fluorimetry/thermal-shift assays
  • a dynamic light scattering instrument for measurement of molecular size
  • a stopped-flow spectrometer for measurement of fast kinetics

The instruments are all located in the Biophysics Suite Рfour interconnected rooms (0.14-0.17) in the basement (level 0) of the Sanger Building (location map) of the Biochemistry Department on Tennis Court Road.

The facility is part of a larger collection of service and research facilities in the Department of Biochemistry.