*A charge for actual N2 gas usage will be added.

“Half days” are for bookings of no more than 4 hours, either completed by 13.00 or starting after 13.00.

Industrial users should contact the facility manager to obtain a quotation.

External users and internal users from Cambridge University departments other than Biochemistry must provide a PO.

We stock a limited number and type of e.g. SPR chips and Octet biosensors, the cost of which can be added to your invoice.  Please ask us for details in advance of your booking.

Weekend days are subject to a discount of 30% for internal users.  Users are strongly encouraged to prepare samples well in advance of the booking to keep late starts and last-minute cancellations to a minimum. For the Biacore T100 and iTC200, pre-booked time that is unused or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged in full unless a substitute user can be found.